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I'm a multi-disciplinary designer and engineer, with a strong interest in developing product-service systems that strike a balance between improving our technological experiences and interactions, as well as providing wellbeing and sustainability for our society and planet. I've worked on projects ranging from engineering design and robotics, to app and mixed-reality experiences, which all focus on creating change and impact for different underserved user groups.

I'm originally from Hong Kong but I have studied and lived in the UK for almost 10 years, where I am currently based in London. In the past few years I've been studying Design Engineering at Imperial College London and I've also spent time in China during previous internships, most notably within the HAX Accelerator Program.


I am currently continuing work on Cultive, an agTech solution providing water management solutions for arable crop farmers. I'm also currently reading Ruined by Design, a fascinating dive into ethics and responsibility in design.​​

Where to find me!

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, or drop me an email!